Support TransportCamp 2022

TransportCamp needs your help

The transport unconference is a creative space to bring transport solutions to life. Your donation will help make TransportCamp—which will be held for the first time in 2022—a better and more accessible event. We are happy to acknowledge your contribution in our publicity.

Donations are processed by PayPal and held by Transport Good Community Interest Company. If you would prefer to make a donation by bank transfer, please get in touch for the details.

How your donation will help

A £50 donation will help us provide a travel bursary to allow someone to attend the event who otherwise couldn’t.

A £100 donation will help keep campers in tea and coffee for the day.

A £200 donation will support supplies needed for administration of the event on the day.

A £500 donation will help us create artwork for the event and wayfinding around the venue.

A £1,000 donation could support a social event afterwards.

A £2,000 donation could allow us to provide a creche to help support campers with childcare needs.